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The ACTS Platform

The ACTS Platform Actively Caring
Through Sharing (ACTS), is the women’s forum for Packages Group.

The ACTS Platform Actively Caring Through Sharing (ACTS), is the women’s forum for Packages Group. Born in BSP in 2017, ACTS started as an initiative for providing a safe space for the female employees of the company. Soon it was expanded to include another Group company DIC and in less than three months of its inception, it was adopted by the Packages Group. The platform aims to bridge gaps, initiate dialogue on gender-specific topics and eventually aid in developing policies that promote diversity in the workplace. In addition, this platform also serves to build capacity, provide awareness of women’s health and well-being, and act as a platform for mentorship and guidance. Grievances and complaints of female employees are also addressed through this forum. Various events and trainings are conducted on this platform throughout the year to educate and empower female employees as well as to address issues that hinder the personal and professional growth of our employees. Male employees are also included in some sessions as and when required.

ACTS Contributions

Since 2017, we have been able to conduct

Panel Discussions and Talks
Free Mammograms
External Trainings
Internal Trainings
HeforShe Trainings
Young Women of Substance Events
60 guest speakers and trainers from different walks of life were kind enough to be a part of the ACTS family. These include professional trainers, entrepreneurs, celebrities, social activists, politicians, government officials, members of UN bodies, foreign dignitaries, medical professionals, lawmakers, customers, and former employees.


Insight on Women in Leadership

An ACTS session on SDG 5, 8, and 10, emphasizing the Role of Women in Leadership for Sustainable Development was conducted in Irshad Hall Packages Limited. This session also celebrated the journey of Ms. Humaira Shazia with the Company over the last 37 years and bid her farewell on behalf of the ACTS platform, of which she is a founding and permanent member. Valuable lessons and reflections on personal and professional development were shared by the two powerhouses of talent and commitment for the future female leaders of Packages Group. Ladies from Packages Limited, Packages Convertors Limited, Bulleh Shah Packaging Pvt. Ltd. (BSP), DIC Pakistan Limited, Packages Mall, and Starch Pack participated in the interactive and engaging session.

International Women’s Day 2024

   Packages Group honoured the invaluable contributions of women across Packages Group Companies on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Various activities were organised to empower and inspire the female employees of Packages Group. These activities focused on this year’s theme, #InspiringInlcusion followed by a panel discussion session.

Women’s Network for Sustainable Development

Our Group Manager Sustainability, Ms. Ayesha Aziz, talked about the importance of women’s networks in achieving sustainable development goals, particularly SDG 5: Gender Equality at a panel discussion conducted by Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business and hosted by MG Apparel on the SDG leadership program for SDG 5. Packages Group has a strong internal network, ACTS, Actively Caring Through Sharing which has been championing Gender Equality and Women Empowerment initiatives across the Packages Group. It serves as a safe space for networking, mentorship, guidance, and capacity building of our female colleagues.

Women’s Health & Wellness

Our Sustainability Team organized a series of awareness sessions on Cervical Cancer to raise awareness of this less talked about disease. We are grateful to Dr. Noreen Zafar from GWHI to raise awareness amongst our female employees on various health topics of women. This session was conducted in Irshad Hall Packages Limited and attended by female employees from Packages Limited, Packages Convertors Limited, Bulleh Shah Packaging Pvt. Ltd. (BSP), DIC Pakistan Limited, and IGI.

Gratitude to our Mother Figures

Packages organized a Women’s session on account of Mother’s Day in Lahore on 15th April 2023. An interactive discussion on how to overcome those challenges and what improvements can be made to our policies was led by the Group Sustainability Team, along with valuable insights from Syeda Henna Babar Ali, Chairperson of DIC Pakistan Limited, and Advisor Consumer Division at Packages Limited. Former CEO of Starch Pack Ms. Humaira Shazia, the founding member of the ACTS platform also shared her experience over a long career. Ms. Afia Mansoor from Maria B. Cares was the guest speaker at the event. We also took the opportunity to thank and acknowledge our dear colleague Ms. Robina Aziz, who has served the Packages Group for over three decades before she retires next month.