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IMS Policy

Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy

We intend to be a world class company that not only delivers quality products & services but also takes care of its personnel wellbeing & safety, environment / energy & overall sustainability of the community.

We are committed to achieve this by:

  1. Complying with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements.
  2. Setting objectives and targets for reviewing and continually improving management systems as we are upgrading our IMS (BRC, HFMS, FSSC 22000, En-MS, EMS, ISO 45001 & Social Compliance) in perpetuity.
  3. Developing an effective integrated management system to reduce waste, eliminate hazards, reduce Occupational Health and Safety Risks, prevent incident/accident/ill health & Environmental impact mitigation by conserving all natural/synthetic resources.
  4. Promoting workers engagement in reducing overall risks related to Environment, Health and Safety including all the associated hazards in our operations.
  5. Ensuring that all food related packaging material is procured, stock up, produced, stored and delivered in safe and hygienic condition as per applicable standard and customer requirements.
  6. Creating a safe and friendly work environment for all stakeholders.
  7. Implementing individual compatibility to comply with IMS, BRC, HFMS, and En-MS requirements.
  8. Managing our social impacts and ensuring supply chain sustainability throughout our product life cycle by closely working with our suppliers to mitigate potential risk for continual improvement.
  9. Ensuring the peace of mind of our consumers by providing Halaal Packaging and Consumer Products and effective communication on Halaal food issues with our suppliers, customers and relevant interested parties in the food chain.
  10. Improving the organization’s energy performance through implementation of energy management system by avoiding energy wastage, continually improve our energy performance, upholding legal and other requirements regarding energy and ensuring information and resources that are necessary to achieve energy objectives and set targets. Also by supporting the purchase of energy-efficient products, services and design for energy performance improvement.
  11. Leading by example and committing to keeping our own carbon footprint to an absolute minimum.
  12. Reducing our water foot print along with its conservation considering it as an asset of nature.

This policy is applicable to each individual whether employee, contractor / sub-contractor, supplier, visitor and all other stake holders of Packages Limited. It is available for all via printed copies, intranet and internet postings

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